All-Sections Search Help Document

Updated 15 February 2003

All data sections can be searched with this all-sections search. If you don't know which data section is likely to contain the information you are looking for this is a good place to start. Be aware, however, that this approach may produce a very large number of hits. Section-specific search pages support more focused questions by providing more options for searching specific categories of information. Links to each section-specific search are included below.

Records for Drosophila species other than melanogaster and for non-Drosophila genes and their products such as Scer\GAL4 are not accessible with this tool. You must use the section-specific searches, which have species selection options, to access FlyBase reports on non-melanogaster species.

To use this all-sections search: Select 'All sections' or one or more individual data sections to be searched from the scrolling menu (Genes, Gene Annotations, etc.). Type your search term(s) in the box. Click on the 'Search Everything' button to search for your term(s) in all categories of information within each record. A list of reports or documents containing the word(s) you specified will be returned. Select an item from the list or use the options at the bottom of the page for bulk data retrieval. Note that the default report is in Synopsis format and therefore may not display the section in which your term appears. From the Synopsis report, select the Full report option under Available Reports to display all of the data. Use the Find option on your browser to locate your term(s) in the report.

Formatting your search term(s) (example terms are shown in italics):

Section-specific field-aware searches

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